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Term 1 - Week 7 - Numeracy Group Rotations
B4 enjoyed our numeracy rotations today focusing on 3D shapes and Place Value.  Each group had a turn rotating around each work station. 

One group worked with me focusing on naming and labelling the features of 3D shapes. Another group enjoyed making the shapes with toothpicks and playdough.  The 3rd group played a card game using place value and making the largest number they could with the cards they were given.  The 4th group were on the computers completing  maths tasks working on their number skills!

Great work B4! The hard work and effort is so fantastic to see!

Term 1 - Week 7 - B4 Update
What a fabulous start of Term 1 we have had so far!  The class has been working hard and enjoying learning many new concepts. 

Numeracy - learning timetables, fractions, 3D shapes and place value.

Literacy - Narrative and Persuasive Writing.  NAPLAN Practise and lots of new spelling rules.

Science - States of Matter (solids, liquids and gases)

The students thoroughly enjoyed our fraction lesson today using skittles to figure out the fractions of each of the different flavours in their packets.

They had a blast!

Assembly Date
The B4 class will be hosting the assembly on Wednesday 27th February at 8.50 am.  We hope you will be able to come and listen to all the special announcements.

We are also looking forward to seeing you all at our parent information session this afternoon at 3.10 pm in our classroom.

Kind regards,

Rebecca and Maria

Welcome to our classroom
Welcome to B4! 
It's been wonderful seeing the students walk into the classroom so happy and excited to be there.
The students haven't taken long to get back into a routine and it's been fantastic to see!

Just a few notices for the beginning of the year:

- Please ensure your child has all of their stationary and ensure it's been labelled.
- All students need a drink bottle, especially for the hotter days.
- All students must wear a hat at break and sport in Terms 1 and 4.
- B4 has access to Prodigy and Studyladder for ay home use. Feel free to come in and see us and we'll give you the login details.

Next Thursday, 21st February, at 3:10pm we will hold our Parent Information afternoon.

We hope to see you all there.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year ahead.

We appreciate all your time and support.

Maria Clapsis and Rebecca Sedgwick


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