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Welcome to B5!

Edudance Concert

Phoenix Primary School B5 Edudance 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

House Cross Country

In week 4 of term 3 we had our House Cross Country. B5's had been practicing each day and on the day the students didn't disappoint. They all have progressed with their running skills and techniques. 

There can only be one winner and I would like to congratulate Aaliyah Garbin who came first in the year two girls race. 

Well done Aaliyah! Great job!





Assembly Item - Term 3

I would like to congratulate all the students for their wonderful assembly performance. I'm sure you would all agree they were all shining stars.

It was lovely to see so many parents join us for morning tea afterwards. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along.

Kind Regards
Tracey Railton

Phoenix Primary School B5 Assembly Item Term 3 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.



B5 Office Display - Term 3



Holiday Reading Challenge

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students who participated in the school holiday reading challenge. A huge congratulations to Bella,  who read the most books over the holiday period. Today she received her prize. 

It's been lovely to observe Bella's reading growth this year. I am so proud of her determination and achievements.  Well done Bella! 

Kind Regards
Tracey Railton




We have been focusing on NADIOC celebrations and the students aim was to understand the importance of NAIDOC week. We observed the history of NAIDOC and ways in which to celebrate the week.

We have read some Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and listened to Indigenous music. Yesterday we painted some Aboriginal artworks, the children all did a wonderful job. 




Almost at the end of Term 2!

In B5 we have been working very hard. The children have had to do a number of assessments during the past few weeks and fit in extra work which they missed due to swimming lessons. You should all feel very proud of your child's achievements this semester. If you would like to pop in anytime and look through your child's workbooks please feel free to do so. 

In science, we have been learning about different forces focusing on pushes and pulls and how we can identify these within different contexts. Students have experimented with Pushes and Pulls, Forces on Land and Water, Toys and Motion. Exploring how their world works. 

In maths, we have been learning about the number system and place value. The children have been learning to recognise the place value of 3-4 digit numbers. They have been engaged in a variety of fun hands on games and learning tasks to further develop their overall maths skills. 

In Literacy, we have been exploring informative texts and learning how to write reports. The students have written 2 wonderful reports on Spiders and Foxes. The students have also had the opportunity during IT sessions, to utilise their creative IT skills to research Foxes then produce a creative document on their findings. All the students reports will be placed in the classroom for everyone to observe. 

Next term a fun after school dance class will start, which will include Dancercise, Hip Hop, Ballroom and Latin. Commencing Wednesday 18th July 3:15 - 4:00 and will continue each Wednesday until the end of term. The first week includes a free trial. If you are interested please see Cath or Gaye in the office. 





Holiday Reading Challenge

A big thank you to all the students who participated in the reading challenge over the school holiday. A big congratulations to Kingdom Koia who came first in the competition. Kingdom's commitment to reading is to be commended and is showing across all learning areas. 

Well done Kingdom!




Week 2 - Term 2

In B5 we have had a very busy week. We always try to have a positive attitude by having a Growth Mindset in order to reach our learning goals.

We have been learning about: Push and Pull forces in Science. In HASS we have been observing Kings Park and the botanical gardens. In Writing, we are focusing on an animal report and have been researching lots of animals. We have started to read varied material and using the internet to gather lots of information. In Numeracy we have been exploring addition and subtraction word problems. 




First Week - Term 2 

Hi Everyone,

The children have really settled into their new learning environment (B5). We have been very busy this week making our classroom feel comfortable. The children have been engaged in a variety of creative activities to brighten up the big classroom. 

Homework and home reading will continue as usual, the children will bring in their homework and reading books daily. Our library day is still on Thursdays, please make sure your child brings in their library books tomorrow. 

We are so lucky this term to have Phoebe Cumper a prac student from Notre Dame University working with B5. Phoebe is getting to know all the children and is working with small groups to give them extra support. She is enjoying being in B5 and thinks the children are amazing! 

The cold weather is returning and the children are starting to bring their jackets to school, unfortunately we are missing a few. Please could you make sure you clearly write your child's name on their jacket. If your child brings a different jacket home by mistake, please return it back to school as soon as possible. 

Calming Minds is starting next Tuesday, week 2 through to week 9 in the library. This is a private paid program run after school. If anyone is interested please see Cath at the office. 

Kind Regards
Tracey Railton



Welcome to Term 2!


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all have had a relaxing and safe school break. Back to school tomorrow and I'm looking forward to seeing you all.

During the holidays I have been busy moving classrooms, so we are now situated in B5. The classroom is much bigger with our very own creative area. I think the children will love it.

Term 2 is going to be another busy and wonderful term! We have school photographs on the 7th May and I will be sending letters home in regards to swimming lessons. 

If your child entered the school holiday reading challenge, please make sure they bring their record sheet. 

This term I have set up a multiplication Ninja program. Each week the children will receive a times table card (for instance 10x - yellow belt). If they learn the 10x they will receive the next card to learn which is 2x red belt, this will go on until they have received all the coloured belts. We must remember each child is unique and everyone is on their own learning journey. Each student will work to a pace they feel comfortable with. 

If anyone is concerned about anything, please don't hesitate to make an appointment to see me. 

Looking forward for another exciting term ahead.

Kind Regards
Tracey Railton










ANZAC Day, 25 April, is one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. 

The students have been focusing on ANZAC day and have worked alongside B1 and A6. In collaboration we carried out numerous engaging activities for the children to explore. The students learnt the importance of ANZAC day and they made ANZAC biscuits, poppy’s and medals. 





Easter Hat Parade

Well done parents with assisting your child to get creative in crafting amazing Easter hats this year. I think all the creations were fantastic! Congratulations to Daniel for winning  the Easter Egg competition and to Lily and Mira who won prizes for their wonderful Easter hat designs. It was lovely to see so many families attending the Parade.



Harmony Day


Phoenix Primary School B4 Assembly Item Harmony Day 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.



Congratulations B5 on a wonderful assembly item on Harmony Day. I was so proud of you all and your hard work has certainly paid off. Your performance was truly amazing.

A big thank you to all the parents who came to watch and then stayed to engage in the morning activities with the children. The school and myself really appreciate all your support.







Musica Viva

During term 1, the students enjoyed watching the magnificent performance Musica Viva. B5 participated and engaged with some fantastic musicians from around the country.  






2D and 3D Shapes

We have been focusing on 2d and 3d shapes. The children have been identifying the names of the shapes, the number of faces, edges and vertices each shape is made up of. The students have been engaged in a variety of hands on learning activities. 





Oral Presentations


As part of the speaking and listening assessments, each term we have rostered days for the sharing of news and other information. Each child has been assigned to a group and a sharing day. Each week the children assigned to that day will share their news.



To add variety to the types of information we share, five different topics have been chosen and each group will have a turn at presenting each of the topics.

Parents you can help support your child by checking they follow the ‘HANDY TIPS’ written below.

Handy Tips

When you are preparing your presentation try jotting a few key points in your home reading folder or on paper to help you remember what you want to share and to keep on track.

Free News - you may choose a personal item or talk about an event that has happened or is going to happen.

Jokes and Riddles – you need to find a total of three jokes/riddles and bring them into share.

Book Report – it would be great if you brought in the book, but you don’t need to. In your book report you will need to tell your classmates:

1)      The title of the book

2)      The Author of the book

3)      The main characters

4)      What happens in the story

5)      Your rating out of 10 and whether you would recommend other children to read your book.

 This would be similar for a Movie Review.

 News Report – you can either watch the news or get a story from the newspaper. In your news report you need to tell your classmates:


1)      What the appropriate news story is about

2)      Which paper or what T.V. Channel the news came from

3)      Why you picked this particular news story





During Literacy we have been focusing on adjectives. The students have now learnt that an adjective describes a noun. I am encouraging the children to use adjectives in their writing, this will help their sentences become much more interesting.


If you have any spare time, please take a look at B5's front office display. The students have described the Wombat!


We have started working on PowerPoints during our IT sessions. The students are working in pairs and creating an Adjective PowerPoint Presentation. 




In Numeracy the students have been focusing on time. Knowing how to tell the time is an important skill, however it is a tricky concept too. It would be great if you all could incorporate general concepts at home for example morning, afternoon, evening and night time. Let your child know when activities occur during specific times of the day. You may want to ask your child to tell you the time when they eat breakfast, go to an activity or when they go to bed. This will help assist your child's learning journey.





Hi Everyone, 

The children have all settled in beautifully and I am very excited for the year ahead. 

A main focus at the start of term is to establish good effective relationships with one another, so that your child feels safe, secure and nurtured in their new learning environment. We have looked at class rules and established boundaries. I am so happy that everyone has settled into the year two class beautifully.




Homework is a great way to re-enforce children's skills as well as keep you updated with what we are learning in class. Communication between school and home is extremely important for your child's success. 

Every child has been sent home with a home reading book and folder. The children are encouraged to read every night for about 15-20 minutes. I placed a reading strategy card in each folder, to remind parents to ask certain questions throughout the reading process. When your child has read 10 or more books they will then receive a prize.   


A homework book has also been sent home. The children have been set some spelling and numeracy homework activities to complete throughout the week. The students have been asked to bring in their reading folder each day along with their homework book. Please make sure you all check your childrens reading folder, because I will occasionally be placing class letters and a variety of activities inside them too. 

Homework is not compulsory and due to family commitments, after school activities or other reasons, your child may not have time to complete their homework. Please do not worry if this is the case, just pop in to see me and let me know. 


If you have any question or concerns please don't hesitate to come in and discuss them.

Kind Regards 
Tracey Railton


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