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Term 1 - Week 7 - Update

The students are playing so beautifully before the siren in the mornings, they work together so well. Lego has been a big hit lately! We will do a room change up soon and swap some toys in and out to keep them interested.

Last week we did our spelling test on the first 4 weeks worth of spelling words, I have written students out a personal list of the words students need to work on. I will send home a copy tomorrow, if your child doesn't bring one home then they have got all the words correct! The words Phoenix use are the Oxford Word list. They are high frequency words and progressively get harder. At this stage year 1's are doing 5 words a week and most year 2's are doing 10 words a week.

We did some History at the end of the day and were looking at life pre electricity! Somehow we ended up talking about the luxury of flushing toilets... but when we got back on track it was very interesting seeing their faces when considering life without electricity.

In literacy we worked on verbs and how swapping out our go to verbs to more interesting verbs can add meaning to stories and make our work more exciting. They did a good job of this.

Maths was a quick session where we went on a shape hunt looking for 3D shapes in regular items around the room.

Term 1 - Week 7 - Buddy Class

We made savoury scones using herbs from the garden in buddy class. I think they went down pretty well. If you would like any of the herbs for home you welcome to help yourself. The sage is amazing at the moment. 

We were also busy doing some great recounts of the weekend. Students are really implementing the required structure we have been focusing on.

In numeracy we have been looking at halves (year 1s) and quarters (year 2) of shapes, collections and numbers. We also started 2D and 3D shapes today.

Term 1 - Week 6 - Harmony Day

On Wednesday we had a lovely day celebrating cultural diversity through Harmony.

We had an assembly where B5 recited Mem Fox's "I'm Australian too," we had previously read the book in class so the students had a good understanding of the item. We then had our parade, giving us the opportunity to see many different cultural attires and lots of orange in celebration of Harmony Day. Following the parade we headed back to our classes for Harmony Day activities with the families that could join us before having a community picnic with family and friends. Thank you to those families who were able to make it, I know how busy everyone is and the turn out was truly impressive and appreciated.
After the picnic we said goodbye to family and students participated in a whole school rotation of activities. For these activities the students are placed into 9 groups of year 1 to year 6 and move around 3 stations. The activities were learning about flags and making a flag biscuits, creating collaboration fish artworks to suit the statement 'We may be all different but in our school we swim together' and finally playing some sporting games from different countries.
After second break, we were all exhausted... but we finished the day off with some art and more stories.
It is a wonderful and unique day. Phoenix is such a culturally diverse school where inclusivity comes quiet naturally, it is very special to be able to celebrate it with a day of fun for the students and our families.

Term 1 - Week 6 - National Day of Action against Bullying
In order to demonstrate the impact that mean words and actions can have on a person, I challenged the class to participate in a game that was extremely challenging for our caring class of children. We passed an apple around and had to say something mean and unkind to it. This was really, really, really hard to do and there were lots of nervous giggles and even some children who couldn't bring themselves to say mean things, even in a game situation. Once the apple had gone around the circle, we cut it open and were shocked to see that although the apple looked the same on the outside, it was bruised, soft and damaged on the inside. The children immediately said sorry and wanted to "make things okay for the apple". We talked about how we feel on the inside when others are unkind or mean to us. When we passed a second apple around it made us all much happier to make positive comments. We are so lucky to have a kind and caring class!!

Term 1 - Week 4 - Class Update
We have been working hard this week! Our programs are all in full swing now. We have started our Talk4Writing book 'Elmer', we have mapped our story and have been looking at adjectives using Elmer as our inspiration so far. Maths has been looking at number place value and still consolidating skip counting. In history we watched a 1950s dinner at home clip and compared the events of an evening in the past to our present. 

Term 1 - Week 3 - Friday Science

We started off our Friday using our hands to feel a mysterious bowl of sticky, gooey, stretchy, long, hot (the children's words) spaghetti..... we are learning about how substances can be changed by heating them or freezing them.
I am so proud of how collaboratively these students worked together today to follow instructions and make 3 different mixtures during our Science investigations. We are finding out what happens to substances if we combine or mix them together.

Term 1 - Week 3 - Morning Fun

We had a pretty busy day today! We started our Letters and Sounds program where students have an intense 30mins session in small groups at 9am. We then started our spelling program followed by numeracy rotations which had a focus on skip counting. At the end of the day we did History where students looked at their own past, present and future. It was very funny watching them all act out being teenagers and adults.
I'm glad they had a good play this morning before the siren.

Term 1 - Week 2 - Maths

Today we had a bit of fun in maths, to warm up with measurement the students were challenged to put themselves in order of height without talking to each other... it might have taken a bit of time and a few giggles but they did a good job in the end. 
We have also been looking at skip counting as a concept and understanding the purpose behind it. Some students may come home and want to count all the shoes in the house by skip counting in 2s!

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