2018 Class A6

Welcome to A6!

Hi parents and guardians,

We have had a beautiful start to the year. The children have shown me how they say their alphabet and write their single digit numerals. 

We have walked around our play areas to see where the year ones and the pre-primaries play and eat. The pre-primary children join the other pre-primaries in their own playground during break times. For the year ones we have walked the boundary of their play area and they will join the other year ones and year twos in the junior playground. So all the children have a chance to catch up with their friends from last year. It was so good to see everyone wearing a hat for playtime on the first day. Well done and thank you.

This year the children have three breaks they need some food for.
Firstly we have 'crunch and sip' at 9:30 after our letters and sounds work, then 10:45 is lunch time and finally recess at 1:20. It may be easier for your child if the food for these three breaks is wrapped separately to begin with.
I look forward to working with the you this year. 

Mrs McMinigal

Classroom Information

This year the school focus on attendance continues. If a child is absent for up to 10 days in a term this is a 90% attendance rate and puts the student at educational risk. When the siren goes to begin the day, the class sits on the blue mat, when as a class we count how many students are at school and I mark the roll. If your child is absent and you have not yet let the school know your child will not be attending, then you are automatically sent a reminder. This seems to be working well. However, if you are late you need to enter the school through the office where your child’s attendance will be recorded, and this data will be tracked. So far, I thank you for having your children at school in plenty of time to get ready for their day. Young children certainly do not like being late.

At 9am the students go to their “Letters and Sounds” groups. At the beginning of the year all the students were checked what letter sounds they remembered and divided into like ability groups. This program is a research- based program and has been found to make a difference, something we saw in last year’s Naplan results. The school accesses a licensed site called “Phonics Play” to support the school program. There is also a free site called ‘Letters and Sounds’ which offers games and resources if you are interested.

Following Letters and Sounds we have our “Crunch ‘n’ Sip”. Thank you for providing raw fruit and salad vegetables for your child for this time. Their water bottles the children may access throughout the day and as the brain needs to be hydrated to optimise learning it is important that drink bottles contain water, not juice or cordial which present sugar highs and lows.

During ‘Crunch ‘n’ Sip’ we look at a wellbeing program the school is doing this year called PATHS. We have started by looking at class rules, why we have rules and as a class the students have generated their own rules. The next step is to bring an information sheet home to guide a discussion about why we have rules at home. If you would like a copy of the handout on the background of the program you may pick one up from the table in the wet area.


After first break we have a Literacy session. I have discussed the Oxford sight word list. We have checked which words from the beginning list the students know and from this starting point the students will have a list of words included in their reading folders. Reading books will be sent home once a week with the space to tick off five days reading. using the same book for the week will assist in developing reading fluency and in class we have talked about how we do things again and again to improve. The home readers have things to do before, during and after reading inside the front and back covers to assist you through the week.

Finally, we have mathematics. The maths program runs in three-week cycles with the same task at the beginning and end of the cycle to show student progress. Much of the maths at this stage is activity based. Groupings of students vary in each cycle depending upon the needs of the students and mixed ability groups offer the chance for peer tutoring among the students.


Special days for you to note during the week:-

  • Monday music with Mrs Starkey and technology with Mr Walsh.
  • Tuesday phys ed with Mr Walsh, please wear suitable shoes. Students may also choose to wear their house faction t-shirt on this day.
  • Friday library

We also discussed a couple of sites that the school uses to support the reading and maths in the school, Bug Club and Study Ladder. Details of these sites are available in a handout you may pick up from the table in the wet area. The students individual log on details are inside their reading folder.


Between now and the end of term I will be conducting individual interviews to discuss your child’s learning goals for the year.

I look forward to working with you this year. If at anytime you have any questions, please ask. If you wish to discuss your child in depth, please make an appointment with me. Then we may make a time convenient to both of us when we may have a confidential discussion without being disturbed.

Kind Regards

Angela McMinigal


Welcome to Term 3!

Hello to our families,

We have enjoyed our first week back. It is great to see so many cheerful faces again ready to learn for another term.


The students are going to give their thoughts on this week.




When we arrived at school on Monday our computers were still on holiday. So for our brain break we tried "balls and aeroplanes" which strengthen the core muscles and help us to sit and stand strong. We have practiced every day and already getting stronger.


Some of us were in new groups for Letters and Sounds. We started a new science topic observing changes in the landscape and the weather.




In shared reading we began the book Baboon's Nest and found it was better to share than fight (Lachlan)


We learnt how to be bucket  fillers (Elyza)




Finger fun started our day, instead of on Friday.


We did our work stations for Maths and have been using two dice to add how many moves we take in counting games.




We began geography and brainstormed weather word (Sunny)




We went to Edudance and met our new teacher Ms. R.
Already we have begun to learn some of our dance steps (Tyler)


We were counting taking turns to 'throw' the numbers to each other.(Elyza)


We drew one of the characters from Baboon's Nest and wrote what we would like to say to them. We used speech marks. (Madison). 

Talk 4 Writing - Term 2

Phoenix Primary School Talk 4 Writing Year 1 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Assembly Item - Term 2

Phoenix Primary School A6 Assembly Item 2018 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

End of Term One


Thank you for your wonderful support this term it has certainly been very busy.

At the end of this term we say goodbye to Enya and her family as they leave us to get ready for their next adventure and see more of Australia before returning home to Switzerland. We will have a class lunch in our wet area to help say farewell. Please provide a plate of food to share for this.


We also heard Marko had a fall and broke his arm. Everyone in the class wishes Marko a speedy recovery and hope to see him soon.


There is also a Triple P parenting course being offered at the school in term 2. We have recently been talking about healthy lunch boxes and it has been our turn to have the display outside our room. If you would like more ideas on how to swap expensive commercial snacks for healthy alternatives or just some general ideas for lunch boxes this topic is going to be covered in the Triple P program by the School Nurse. Just register your interest at the front office.


Kind regards


Angela McMinigal

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