2017 Kindy Blue

Welcome to Kindy Blue!

  • Teacher - Mrs Catherine Zagami
  • Teacher Assistant - Mrs Yvonne Briffa


Session Times:

  • Monday: 8:45 to 3pm
  • Tuesday: 8:45 to 3pm
  • Wednesday (odd weeks): 8:45 to 3pm

Farmyard on Wheels


On Wednesday September 13 we had our visit from Farmer Mick and his wonderful farm animals. The children were so excited and enjoyed the hands on experience of being able to feed, hold and pat all the animals. It was a great morning and a lovely way to consolidate the children's learning on our theme of "The Farm".  The children were quick to answer Farmer Mick's questions and through our programme they have gained some good knowledge of how farms work, what they produce, the animals and their babies and the importance of them in our lives.





Fathers Day Evening


I just wanted to say a big "Thankyou" to those Dads that were able to make it to Father's Night. Not only was it great that your child was able to show you all their hard work but seeing their little faces light up and their excitement to bring Dad to Kindy was priceless. It was so lovely to see the Dads so keen to be involved in the activities and their friendly interactions with each other with a few laughs along the way.


You should be proud of your little people because they are just wonderful!




Happy Father's Day to our amazing Dads!

Photos from the evening can be viewed in the Gallery located above.

 Term 3 Update


We are half way through Term 3 and it is great to see the children becoming more independent in their learning and making some great friendships along the way. We have been busy on our theme of Australia and we have focused on number, particularly reiterating 1-6 and now moving onto 7-10. Cracking the Code continues on a Monday and Tuesday morning with a big focus on rhyming and initial and final sounds in words.


We will move onto our theme of "The Farm" and soon we will begin our next Talk 4 Writing story. We have completed our final session on "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" and the children were asked to orally present a story which we compared to the same activity they did before the Talk 4 Writing Program commenced. WOW! What a difference in their responses and such wonderful efforts by all the children.


I look forward to seeing you all over the next 5 weeks.






Welcome back to Term 3


This week we have been busy with our new theme on "Australia" and the children have been loving the home corner that I have changed into a camping scene. We have been exploring Patterns in maths and continue to develop the children's literacy skills through Cracking the Code. They are making great progress in all areas which is lovely to see. Talk 4 Writing will continue with a new book coming along in the next week or two so stay tuned.  We will also be focusing on name writing, beginning writing skills and fine motor development.


 This term will see us move from "Australia"then onto the  theme of "The Farmyard" with an incursion in week 9 planned for some furry friends to visit our centre. We will also celebrate Father's Day and the significant men in the children's lives with Father's Night planned during the term with details to follow shortly.


I look forward to sharing this term with you and your children.







Kindy Blue Office Display - Term 3







In Term 2 we will be incorporating the theme of Multiculturalism into our program focusing on parts of the world from where our children derive. As such we will be starting with Porto Rico and moving to the Philippines in week 8. Children are bringing into class something from their country of birth (or their parents birth place) to discuss with the class.




As part of our Maths focus on number the children enjoyed making number 5 biscuits and icing them this week. We incorporated some Oral Language questioning and strategies within this lesson to scaffold their learning.

Talk 4 Writing Oral Language Program

In Term 2 we started our Oral Language Program and introduced the story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". This program uses a 'hook' to entice the children and get them thinking and talking about the story. We used actions to retell the main parts of the story and then broke into groups to write a Story Map. The children sequenced the story using pictures and engaged in discussion through teacher guided questions. Over the next couple of weeks and the beginning of Term 3 we will continue to explore the parts of the story and help the children develop their understanding of comprehension and strategies for  the early stages of writing.


If you would like to see the children retelling the story please come and see me.

Mrs Zagami

Phoenix Primary School Talk 4 Writing 2017 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.