2017 Past News

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Champions Cup Awards

On Wednesday August 9, the 16 man Phoenix Soccer Squad were awarded a special certificate for taking part in the 14th year of the Primary Schools Champions’ Cup (previously the Glory Cup). Phoenix has competed for all 14 years and this group of players did extremely well in very tough competition.  Due to the training and their hard work for two school terms, they thoroughly deserved these special awards.  Thank you to them all.

Mr Addison

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Guessing Game Winner

To raise money for the Year 6 Graduation, the prefects are running a series of small fundraisers for the whole school to participate in.  Over the last couple of weeks they have been holding a ‘guess the amount of lollies in the jar’ competition. Our lucky winner with the correct guess of  87 was Riverlee (B2). Well done Riverlee!

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Sick Tree



I am one of the trees that live at Phoenix Primary School, I am at the front of the school near the staff car park.  I am very, very old and unfortunately I am now very sick, and have been for about three years.  The school gardener has tried hard to make me well, and two specialists have been out to see me, but sadly there is nothing to be done. 

During the next vacation I will be leaving, but I will be returning as mulch to help the school garden plants and trees grow.  See the picture of the little gum tree, that is one of my offspring and when I come back as mulch I will look after the baby gum trees and help them to grow up to be big and tall.  Please don’t be sad for me, I am happy to be helping other trees and plants at the Phoenix Primary School gardens and grounds.

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Design a Jumper

Each year the WAFC, in conjunction with Burley Sekem, run a ‘Design a Jumper’ competition for primary schools across WA.  We had many children who were very excited to enter the competition and we would like to say congratulations to Olie (C2) and Waiata (C2) who received certificates of participation. Their designs were selected as the two top entries for our school and we’d like to thank them for their contributions.



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We’ve been selected to participate in Local Matters at Grill’d Fremantle this May!


Local Matters is the Grill’d community donation program that sees each Grill’d restaurant donate $500 back into the community every month. The donation is split between 3 local community groups $300 / $100 / $100.


We’d love your support in receiving the highest $300 donation! Simply head to Grill’d Fremantle during May for a burger and pop your Local Matters token in our jar. The group with the most tokens at the end of the month receives the largest donation.

It’s a simple (and delicious) way to show your support!

You’ll find us on a jar at Grill’d Fremantle, 17 South Terrace cnr Collie St

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Once again the school is divided over who will win the West Coast Eagles VS Fremantle Dockers  Derby. The West Australian AFL Derby is number 45 and not only are the kids debating who will win, the office is split down the middle aswell!!




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Recently, our students from Years 4-6 took part in the Summer Lightning Carnival. Cricket was held at Murdoch University playing fields. Due to the high level of student interest we were able to enter two teams in the competition this year. The competition lasted all day and the students got to play a maxiumum of  four matches against other schools from the local area. Those schools included Coolbelup, Bibra Lake, South Coogee, South Lake and Caralee.  

Basketball was held at Wally Hagan Basketball Stadium and the school was represented by an A and a B team. Both teams had some great battles with other schools such as Samson, Coolbellup and Southlake. The A team won their division and returned to school with a lovely trohpy.

We were proud of our students who displayed exemplary sportsmanship throughout the day and were a credit to the school and themselves. The icing on the cake was that not only did the students have a great day out representing the school but one of the cricket teams also finished as runner up. We're looking forward to next years competition and hopefully going one better than this year. Well done to boys and girl who took part.

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As you may be aware, the Department of Education supports parents to provide
financially for their children and refers families to community and government
organisations that can offer additional support to families. Saver Plus, Australia's largest matched savings program, is one such program and assists people to save for education expenses by matching their savings dollar for dollar up to $500. For further information please see the attached flyer.

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We love acknowledging the fantastic achievements of our Phoenix students so a very big congratulations goes to Miss Aaliyah from A6. Aaliyah has recently been awarded the Under 6’s Cockburn Champion Girl for the Cockburn Little Athletics Centre. This little champion has broken a whopping 13 club records throughout the athletics season and holds 4 club records for 4 different events. Aaliyah is very proud of her achievements and loves her ‘giant’ trophy. Her brother Blake (C5) was also awarded Runner Up Champion Boy for his age group. Well done!

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Congratulations to Blake G (C5) who was awarded the Under 10 Boys Champion for Phoenix Little Athletics Club. If that wasn’t enough, he also received the Nick Boni Perpetual Trophy Award. This trophy is awarded annually to the athlete who has demonstrated the virtue of respect. Respect to the sport, coaches, club and peers. Blake has shown commitment throughout the athletics season and has always put in 100% effort.





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Thank you to all entrants for participating in this year’s Easter egg decorating competition.  Your imagination and artistic flair that has gone into the making of your entry has made it very hard to pick the winners. Congratulations to these winners:


Early Childhood

Charlotte & Benjamin

Pre Primary

Aida & Cash

Year 1

Ana & Evan

Year 2

Sethuli & Loui

Year 3

Kyra & Luka

Year 4

Waiata & Lucia

Year 5

Sarah & Branden

Year 6

Grace & John

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Semester 1 Prefects

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as school prefects for Semester One. We are confident that you will set an example at all times and display excellent leadership qualities.

From left to right - Keanu Kee, Suraya Edwards, Madison Rogers and Seth Favazzo