2017 Class B1


Assembly Item October 2017

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Edudance Concert


Phoenix Primary School B1 Edudance Concert 2017 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.





Office Display




Carnival Fun!

What a great day we all had at the sports carnival! My ears are ringing from all the cheering/screaming but the fun was worth it! I spent the day in the Manning bay and have to say their behaviour and sportsmanship was beyond exceptional and from what I have heard and seen the other factions were the same, which makes me so very proud!

You can view the carnival photos in the Gallery tab above.





In case you have not seen it yet... the garden beds outside our classroom are coming to life! Thanks to the amazing efforts by the Mitchell family we are lucky enough to have a special space growing right before our eyes - literally that cherry blossom is changing every day!!! The students have all shown a lot of interest and are very keen to get their hands dirty soon. I will get some better pictures as the garden grows :)




Book Week - Week 6 2017!!



Monday August 21 -Book week has started with a suitcase of books! The students are all immersed in some fresh reading material. This years theme is "Escape to Everywhere" we will be escaping into books even more than usual this week :)
Wednesday August 23 - What a day!  It stared with an awesome parade, everyone looked great and enjoyed marching around to some music. The whole school then split up into mixed groups for a rotation of 3 activities. Students took part drama, illustration and story writing. After that  we relaxed with some fun activities back in class, where we were lucky enough to have some parents join us. Finally thank you to those who made it back after to have a quick look through their children's work.
It was a great day but if the kids are feeling anything like me they will be exhausted!



Book Week Incursion - Super Duper


The students enjoyed the performance on Monday August 14. It was a musical about a boy who had an accident which resulted in him getting the magic power to bring books to life. It kept with this years Book Week theme of "Escape to Everywhere".
We have also been doing a little bit of art around this topic in class which I will start to put up over the next few days. I have attached a couple of photos from the performance.

Science Soup

In science we are looking at water. Today we made vegetable soup to demonstrate how reliant we are on water. Every ingredient had a connection to water from the vegetable needing water to grow, the stock needing salt from salt lakes and the pasta coming from flour which starts as wheat.
Students had a turn at chopping mushrooms and zucchini with my child safe knives, which was probably their highlight of making the soup!
Every single student said they liked the soup and some had a couple of extra serves (we ate before second break so I apologise if they didn't eat all their food at lunch).
We all had a good time.

Cross Country


What a day! We had lots of fun cheering on the other year groups and competing in our Year 3 races. While there were a few nerves at the starting line, all students competed to the best of their ability. We had a very close finish in the boys race and some fantastic runners in the girls. All students should be proud of their efforts and for cheering on their houses in a positive way.  Thank you to all the parents who came down to watch and cheer us on. It was a great day!

Where the Wild Things Are

B1 has rewritten the book "Where the Wild Things Are" which we have been looking at in class the last few weeks.  All the ideas came from the students through a model called boxing up.  We hope you enjoy!

Puppet Performance

We had a fantastic excursion today!!! (June 30). The performance was beautiful and the students really connected with the story. The original book is a silent novel (purely pictures) and today they completely understood that they engaged with a story through actions, expression, images and music other than words. We had some fantastic discussions after, I was really impressed with the depth of understanding they displayed. We drew our own interpretations back at class as a different way to reflect on the experience.
I couldn't be prouder of the students behaviour they represented the school so well. Hopefully you will get some great conversations about the performance and outing from your kids tonight!


We are still working on how things can physically change through heat in science. Today we made popcorn as a fun example. We investigated corn stalks and then corn on a cob through the interactive whiteboard. We then looked at the real kernels before adding heat. Finally the fun bit of watching the corn pop! They were rewarded for all their hard work with a sample to eat!

Bucket Filler - Term 2 2017

Hi families, I thought I would let you know about the social story we have been looking at in class.  It's called "have you filled a bucket today".  In summary it explains to children that we are happy when our buckets are full of good feelings and thoughts about ourself. When we fill other people's buckets through kindness, appreciation and friendliness we feel good in doing so and fill our own buckets as well.

Mrs Lawson

Crayon Melt in Science - Term 2 2017

We looked at how "everyday materials can be physically changed in a variety of ways" by using heat to change a solid to a liquid. We used a hair dryer to melt crayons! First we melted broken crayons onto a piece of paper and then we melted crayons into a mould. Students were then able to take home the moulded crayon.

Mrs Lawson

West Coast Eagles visit - Term 2 2017

We were lucky enough to have 3 West Coast Eagles visit us - Sam Mitchell, Luke Shuey and Fraser McInnes. The kids particpated in a Q&A and then played "Sam Say" followed by a game of 'Duck Duck Goose', where Shuey showed off with somersaults! At the end students who wanted autographs patiently lined. It was a great experience and the students behaved so so so well - I was very proud.

Mrs Lawson

Science - Term2 2017

We made play dough as part of science. We have been learning about how different materials can be combined for a particular purpose. Students have come up with some great examples from their own experiences, such as cakes, milos, concrete, tea, coffee, washing dishes and many more. So we made play dough as a practical activity. They loved it!

Mrs Lawson


B1 Assembly - Term 2 2017




Yay the kids did a wonderful job at this mornings assembly!
I am so proud of them and they are very proud of themselves. We celebrated with green egg cupcakes but as usual I was busy enjoying the moment with them and forgot to take photos!
Thank you for all your help preparing the students, assemblies can be a little nerve racking for students but it is a great experience for them.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Thank you
Mrs Lawson

B1 Office Display - Term 1 2017