2017 Class B2

2017 Firefighter Incursion Year 3's

B2 Office Display

Edudance Concert

Phoenix Primary School B2 Edudance Concert 2017 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

House Athletics Carnival

What an amazing sports carnival. I'm sure you will all have some tired children. I was so proud of all the B2's, they did extremely well in all their races and were on their best behaviour all day.

You can view the photos of the carnival in the Gallery above.

Exciting Day

What another exciting day!

Well done Talyn who received a wonderful prize from the Scholastic Book Fair.

A big congratulations to Jaedin and Riverlee for both receiving high progress awards due to their wonderful NAPLAN results.

I am so proud of all my B2's they are continuing to improve in all learning areas. Keep up the excellent work B2's!

Book Week Celebrations

What a wonderful day we had on Wednesday August 25! All the children looked fantastic in their favourite character costumes.

Firstly we had a dress parade during assembly. Next the children were placed in groups and participated in a variety of rotational activities. Later parents visited the classroom and joined in with the hands-on afternoon activities.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to the parents who joined us.

Super Duper Incursion

The children were all very  lucky to watch 'Super Duper' yesterday. The Incursion had been planned to supplement book week celebrations.

The performance began with two wonderful actors introducing the idea of superheroes. Next we met a boy named Will and the evil villain Doctor Dismal who believes people who are scared and ill-informed are easy to control and she wants to control everyone.

Will had to focus on everything that is possible to defeat the evil Doctor Dismal. He was able to use his active imagination and the way books can enable him to escape to anywhere, that the world is still a place filled with endless opportunities and adventure.

The children enjoyed the show and had a super duper time.

Yesterday morning I found it very difficult to notify some parents about the Incursion. Could you please make sure your house/ mobile phone details are current. Please go to the office and update if necessary. Thanks!

Science Incursion

We were extremely lucky to be able to attend a hands-on Forensic Science Investigation in week 4! Students were told details of the murder mystery and were given 90 minutes to solve the crime. There were plenty of activities to complete including using microscopes to analyse fingerprints, study crime scene photos and even build towers out of DNA. It was fantastic to see students using their teamwork and problem solving skills in the race to find the code for the safe.

A big congratulations to a few of our amazing Year 3 students who were able to solve the crime within the time limit. A big thank you to the P&C for covering the costs of this incursion.

At the end of the session we unlocked the safe to save the stolen gold bars. We were even told that one of our own Year 3 students was the key suspect.. Can you guess who it was - term 3!


In science we have been investigating how water is used in Australia. The children have had to sort the uses of water into different catergories. For example water is used for leisure, industry and conservation.

We have looked at water providing opportunities for communities to enjoy many leisure activities such as: swimming, sailing, birdwatching, surfing and scuba diving. Unfortunately we weren't able to organise any of these activities for the children to participate in.

We did however decide on a baking activity that the children could enjoy and water would be involved. They all made delicious chocolate cup cakes. Yummy! They all thoroughly enjoyed using water to wash the dishes too.


Year 2/3 Legends

Congratulations to Riverlee for winning the jar of yummy lolly snakes. During the past few weeks the school held a competition to guess how many lolly snakes were in the jar and Riverlee estimated the correct amount.

Congratulations to Judielle and Anna who both were rewarded for winning their cross country races. They each received a champion girl medal.

I am so proud of you 

Mrs Railton

Holiday Reading Competition

A big Thank You to all the students in B2 who took part in the school holiday reading competition term two. Each child who participated received a small prize.

The winner was Dylan from year three,  who was rewarded with a gift voucher. A big congratulations Dylan on a wonderful reading job.


Year Three Firefighter Incursion

On Wednesday, August 3 the Firemen from Fremantle Fire Station came to visit Phoenix Primary School.

The Firefighter incursion program for year three students was designed to provide developmentally appropriate fire safety prevention messages and life-saving tips on how children can respond to a fire emergency in their homes.

Cross Country

In week 2 all classes participated in the Phoenix Cross Country. The races were conducted around the school and all the children who participated did a wonderful job. It was really nice to see parents at the event too.

Welcome to Term 3 - 2017


Welcome back to Term 3! I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable mid-year break. This will be another exciting term ahead with lots of fun activities planned.


Our theme in Year 2/3 this term is Royal Dahl!


Our topic will start off with a book study ‘George’s marvellous medicine.’


This term the students have the opportunity to participate in Edu-Dance sessions which will be held each Friday.


Homework is a great way to re-enforce skills as well as keep you updated with what we are learning in class. Starting in week 2 homework tasks will be sent home each Monday and returned on Friday. Homework is optional there should be no pressure placed on your child to complete the set tasks each week.


Term 3 Planner 2017

Basic Facts Competition

During assembly this morning (June 28), the B2's were awarded a certificate for most improved basic maths facts. Well done B2's I am so proud of all your hard work this semester.

Year 2/3 Legends - Term 2

During this term the students have been working hard on a variety of learning tasks. I have attached some photo's so you can see for yourself.
We have been focusing on our 'letters and sounds.' This program helps to develop their phonic knowledge and skills, with the aim of them becoming more confident and fluent readers.
You could ask your child to identify some of the sounds in their home reading book.

Assembly Item - June 2017

Here are some pictures of B2's assembly item.  Every student did a marvellous job of learning their lines and spoke beautifully. I am so proud of them all and you should be too.
A wonderful performance!

A big Thank You parents for your ongoing support.

Kind Regards
Tracey Railton





Phoenix Primary School B2 Assemly Item 2017 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

B2 Office Display - May 2017


On Monday I displayed some of the students work in the front office, so make sure you take a look. We have been learning about interpreting and comparing data displays, explaining similarities and differences. The children were surveyed and created a pictogram of their favourite fruit.

Holiday Reading Program - May 2017

A big THANK YOU to all the students in B2 who took part in the school holiday reading competition. Each child who participated received a small prize.

The winners were Judielle from year three and Tomas from year two, who were both rewarded with a gift voucher. A big congratulations to you both on a wonderful reading job.

Kind Regards
Tracey Railton B2