School Board

The School Board is responsible for the school's strategic direction, ensuring that Phoenix Primary School meets the present and future needs of our school community.  It is a formal mechanism for parents, carers, staff and students to participate in school decision-making.

The School Board meets four times a year. Parents and staff representatives are elected early in the year. Staff representatives elected represent all staff in the school.

Our School Board members for 2016 are:

Ian Daglish: Chairperson

Margaret Pretty: Principal

Roslyn McKay: Staff Representative

Maryke van Rooyen: Staff Representative

Sally Garbin: Parent Representative

Meredith Guthrie: Parent Representative

Janine Paruscio: Parent Representative


We would like to introduce some of our School Board Committee Members.


Ian Daglish


Having been a member of the local community for the past 20 years,  I am pleased that my 9 year  old daughter  has the opportunity to receive her early education at Phoenix Primary School. She will now be in year 4 in 2016.


Phoenix Primary School, located a stones throw up the road from beautiful Manning Park is a delightful primary school set to grow and continue to provide an outstanding early education to the existing and all the new children coming into this growth area.


As a Board Member, I am looking  forward to participating and being able to contribute to the ongoing development of the school during an exciting period of growth. I bring to the Board experience from an IT / Business background. My studies include Business from Curtin University (then known as W.A.I.T) and a Masters of Information Technology , also from Curtin. My employment was in the Actuarial Industry in Sydney for a number of years before being employed in a Business / IT role with a local manufacturer for 18 years.


As Chair of the Phoenix Primary School IPS Board I will endeavour to ensure that Phoenix continues to be the first choice primary school in the area and provide a safe, exemplary education for all its students.

Margaret Pretty

As Principal of Phoenix Primary School since 2013, I have brought to this school a wealth of experience as a School Principal for 29 years.  My previous experience has been in such roles such as Consultant Principal Speech and Language , Principal of a Language Development Centre since 1989 and Principal of Cyril Jackson High School ESC, as well as a staffing officer for the W.A. Department of Education.  My teaching experience has been in the area of Early Childhood and children with language and intellectual disabilities to Year 10.


My philosophy is about considering the needs of the child first.  I always consider suggestions in light of what I would like for my own child.  I believe that children have a right to a quality education as this will give them choices in life and a chance to follow their dreams.  I want the children to have the option of many varied learning experiences and expand their horizons at school which then may extend to their home.  It is important to me that children enjoy their time at school and get the most out of their education academically, socially and emotionally.


I believe that Phoenix Primary School has a great future.  It is part of the Phoenix community and that we should support our local community wherever possible.  We are providing quality education for our children in a State Primary School, who achieved Independent School status through the support of our school community in 2015.  Our improvement continues as we focus on the needs of our students and our community.

Roslyn McKay


My name is Roslyn McKay and I am one of the staff representatives on the School Board. I have enjoyed a long career with the Education Department that included many years of teaching in country schools, as I travelled with my husband throughout the state, while my 3 children were young.

Since settling back in Perth I have been fortunate to have a variety of opportunities to continue my career as a Curriculum Consultant and later on as an administrator.

I joined the staff of Phoenix Primary School in 2015 as the Deputy Principal and have thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff, students and parents within this community. I have a strong belief in the importance of education and my role in providing the very best educational opportunity to every child and I look forward to positively contributing as a member of the School Board.


Maryke van Rooyen





I am very pleased to be a part of the Phoenix Primary School Board as a representative of the teaching staff. I have been a member of the School Council and enjoy being involved in the planning and organisation of programs being developed to improve student outcomes.

I have taught every year level and have recently been a part of the ILNNP (improving Literacy Numeracy National Project) is a nation wide initiative to assist those students at educational risk.

I am particularly interested in Maths and STEAM and was a Getting it Right Numeracy specialist for four years. My role was to introduce the First Steps Maths program to the staff. As well as Mathematics my particular interests are Science, STEAM and student Centred Learning.





Sally Garbin

I am a parent of Phoenix Primary School and feel very honoured to be part of the School Board.  In the past five years I have seen Phoenix Primary School transform and change for the improvement of all students and teachers.


I have had experience with Disabilities in Children for the past nine years and this has led into Education Support for children with Special Needs.  I am an enormous advocate for children to receive their education, to learn and grow, in a safe and happy environment. With this opportunity I hope to continue to help raise the bar when it comes to connecting communication between Parents and Teachers, as I feel this is paramount to getting the most out of your Childs needs.


With Phoenix Primary School becoming Independent in 2015, I look forward to working with a proud and driven group of Parents and Education Staff that are committed to giving this wonderful school an even more prosperous future.





Meredith Guthrie


I have four children, my eldest in year 4, my second eldest in year 1 at Fremantle Language Development Centre, and twins who will start kindy in 2017. I have a Doctor of Philosophy in Botany and work two days a week as a research scientist with the Department of Agriculture and Food, WA.

I believe Phoenix Primary School provides our children with a safe nurturing environment in which to grow.

Janine Paruscio


I am a working mother of 2 who has resided in the local area for over 25 years.


Both my children have spent all their early education at Phoenix Primary School and in 2014 I had the opportunity to work with Margaret Pretty on the journey to changing our school to an Independent Public School. 


I worked for one of WA's leading Insurance companies for over 17 years, predominantly as a Business Systems Consultant and am now employed by Challenger Institute of Technology.


It is an honour to be on the inaugural school board and I bring a wealth of business, analytical and systems experience.  There are exciting and changing times ahead for Phoenix Primary School and it is a pleasure to be part of it all.