Pre Primary (A2)

Fathers Day Breakfast A2 2017

Assembly Item

Phoenix Primary School Pre Primary Assembly Item 2017 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.


I'm so proud of all our beautiful Pre-primary's for doing such a fantastic performance at today's Edudance concert.

Phoenix Primary School A2 Edudance Concert 2017 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Fathers Day Breakfast

Thank you so much to all our families who came along to our Fathers Day breakfast. We had such a fantastic turn out and it was wonderful to see all our families and children having such a lovely time!

The children had endless fun showing their families around our PP class and getting involved in all our Fathers Day activities.

Book Week Fun!

Wednesday August 24 - I'd like to say a big thank you for all the effort that was put into the children's book week costumes and for joining us in class today. It was wonderful to see all the children having such a fantastic time.

Rainbow Science

The children had a blast for science week as they discovered the wonders of kinetic sand and watched in ore at our skittle rainbow experiment!

Sensory Garden

Thank you so much to all the wonderful parents who donated seedlings and potting mix for our sensory garden! The children had a fantastic afternoon of gardening and getting their hands dirty!

So far in our garden we have; mint, chives, corn, strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli. Anymore donations are gladly welcome :)

Kind Regards,  Miss Brown

Sid's Holiday

During the school holidays our class mascot Sid went on a holiday. The children have been learning about the different countries Sid flew to and all the places he visited!

Material Sorting

The children were given an example and a selection of materials that they had to sort independently into groups, based on their properties.

Rosie's Walk


We have been reading the wonderful story 'Rosie's Walk'. The children have had endless fun endeavouring into the fiction world of Rosie the hen and sneaky Mr Fox.  

I have attached some photos of the children going on a scavenger hunt around the PP garden to find items to re-create Rosie's farm.  

Ask your child if they can retell you the story of 'Rosie's Walk' with the actions they have learnt in class.

Kind regards

Miss Brown

Directed Drawing

Here are some photos I took of our students taking part in a directed drawing activity after reading ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’ by Giles Andrea. The children were all asked to follow the drawing instructions step by step, and this is what they produced.


Materials and their Properties

During science we focussed on placing different materials into groups, based on what they were made of or how they felt - we focussed on texture, and how we can use our hands and our mouths to identify texture - we talked about how each material might feel and why they should be placed in groups together. Then, each student was given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of materials and the properties they display.

Miss Lorna

Exploring the Pre Primary Garden

We have been learning all about how to care for our environment. Today the pre-primaries used their senses to explore the pre-primary garden! We checked our veggie patch to see what vegetables were growing and we were delighted to find large green beans which were ready to eat! We then brainstormed what fruits, vegetables and herbs we could plant in our garden next term.

Miss Lorna

Materials and Mapping in Pre Primary

During Term 2 we have been exploring materials and their properties. As part of the unit, we learnt some basic mapping skills and conducted an exploration of the playground - we took photos, identified the materials used to construct the playground, and then drew our observations as a group and as individuals.

Miss Lorna

'Talk for Writing' in A2

Talk for Writing is a multi-sensory, interactive teaching approach which enables children of all ages and abilities to learn the key skills needed to write a wide range of story/text types using various methods including:


  • listening to and learning texts and stories

   taking part in drama and role-play

   story mapping

   arts and crafts

   collecting words and language strategies

   building their working knowledge of grammar


Talk for writing in early years education provides children with the foundations needed to become successful future writers.


A2 have been exploring the story ‘Mrs Wishy-washy’. The children have thoroughly enjoyed immersing themselves in the comical fiction world of Mrs Wishy-washy and her naughty animals! We have been working hard on learning the story off by heart with the help our story map and actions.


Ask your child if they can show you our retell of Mrs Wishy-washy

Miss Brown

Mothers Day Afternoon Tea

Our lovely photos above were taken at the Mothers Day afternoon tea. Mums and Nannas were pampered by their children at the 'Beauty Salon' and given afternoon tea.

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone that came to our Mothers Day Afternoon Tea! It was fantastic to see all the children having such a wonderful time.

Kind Regards

Jo Brown

Art Process Images

On Mondays, we run an integrated Science programme, and during our lessons we have conducted art process activities that encourage our students to demonstrate what they have learned during our Science lesson. Students were asked to create a pet from playdough, draw an image of their pet, and lastly, paint their pet, using their drawing as a guide. Our aim was to introduce students to a 3-step process, and to encourage self reflection by getting the students to make alterations to their creations throughout the process. Their final paintings are now on display in A1.



Miss Lorna, Mrs Johnston and Mrs Arnoldi


Pre Primary Bike Track


The Pre Primary outdoor play area continues to grow with our latest addition being the amazing bike track! It was lovely to see so many excited faces on Monday as the children used their strength and co-ordination to pedal around the track. A huge thank you to Tracey Katnich, Malcolm and Sally Garbin for all your hard work in making it all happen! Thanks to Liz Paulin, Monique Underwood, Vanessa Moore, Mrs Briffa and Tracey Katnich for digging up the grass in the school holidays. The next stage will be to extend the nature play area to allow for more room to climb and explore!


Renee Johnston

Pre Primary teacher