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Edudance Concert 2017

Phoenix Primary School A6 Edudance Concert 2017 from Phoenix Primary School on Vimeo.

Term 3 - Week 7


Hi Everyone,


We were in the middle of writing our thoughts on the week to you when a gust of wind came and blew them all away. So  I am sorry the children's comments are not here for you to read. This week apart from making our Fathers Day things, the children have been excited about the book fair in the library. Thank you for your support.


This week we have also started talking about joining words that help to join our ideas and make our sentences longer and more interesting. In maths we have just begun to tell the time to the hour and half past and this may take some time to grasp the concept. We have also linked our skip counting in 5s to count the minutes around the clock face.


Ms Fordham (Edu-Dance) sent an email about the students costumes for the concert. She would like our class to wear fluro coloured clothing ie t-shirts,shorts, leggings for their 80s disco themed dance. Please bring your child's clothing to school (named) once you have it.


Finally, thank you for all your best wishes upon my return to school this week, they were really appreciated. Have a great weekend and enjoy your Fathers Day.


My best wishes to you all


Angela McMinigal

Term 3 - Week 5


Hello Mums and Dads

It feels like we are gradually getting over the coughs and colds and the children are getting stronger. I am looking forward to next week, seeing everyone dressed up for book week on Wednesday. Don't forget your book to go with your book character costume. Please remember the classrooms will be open after school that day, though I know many of you already come in before school this will be an opportunity to spend some more time to let the children show you how we use our classroom.


The cake raffle mentioned below is a fund raiser for the Year 6 end of year activities. Tickets are 20cents each or 6 for $1 and are on sale Wednesdays and Fridays. Each week is a new raffle.


Here is what some of the children had to say about this week.


  • Today we learnt how to put Australian coins in size and value order (Isabella)
  • We had a competition in Edu-Dance between girls and boys. It was a draw. (Aida)
  • We wrote a description of Elmer in our Talk 4 Writing books. (Von)
  • We cut out our elephant berries so we can count in tens. (Mira)
  • There is going to be a book sale next week (Ashton).
  • We went to the cake raffle in the undercover area. We did not win. (Aaliyah).


lots of love


from A6

Office Display - Term 3


Term 3 - Week 4


We have had another busy week.

Thank you to  the families who let us celebrate the birthdays this week. We enjoyed your treats and the students felt very special.

This next fortnight it is A6's turn to have a display in the front office. We are going to display the elephants from our Elmer story dressed for Elmer Day. It will go up at first break on Monday. 

Have a lovely weekend



  • Today we have been painting elephants (Abbey)
  • We've had lots of fun (Benjamin)
  • We have celebrated two birthdays this week (Carlo)
  • We learnt about descriptions in our Elmer story (Ashton)
  • We played flash cards with our sounds (Isabella)
  • We did a number house for 17 (Mira)
  • We did letters and sounds with flash cards (Lily)
  • We changed our reading book (Von)
  • We learnt what comes before and after a given number (Cash)
  • We did the whole dance in Edu-Dance (Salina)


lots of love 




Term 3 - Week 3

  • We have listened to the Elmer on the Interactive White Board (Carlo)
  • With our Buddy class C2 we cut out our names. Today we colour them and now they look like puppets. (Aaliyah)
  • We did a marshmallow and spaghetti challenge with Mr Walsh (Abbey)
  • We made the Elmer story (Salina)
  • We wrote an Elmer story and drew pictures and it goes all the way to six (Isabella)
  • We have been counting by 2s (Archie)
  • We know how to skip count by tens (Von)
  • We know how to skip count by fives (Salina)
  • We told Mrs Arnoldi about our pictures we drew about where we want to go if we could "escape to everywhere" (Lydia)
  • Today we had our school photos taken (Isabella)
  • We went to Edu-Dance (Aida)


Have a great weekend


Love from A6

Term 3 - Week 2

Hello Mums and Dads,

This week we have:-

  • danced at Edu-dance (Lydia)
  • practiced cross country (Carlo)
  • we did cross country with the ribbons (Isabella)
  • we did some drawing, we drew some pictures (Ben)
  • we did printing and computer (Von)
  • we learnt to add on the small number when adding numbers (Aaliyah)
  • we watched videos to skip count (Mira)
  • we watched Elmer the elephant (Lydia)
  • we are learning about 3Dshapes (Isabella)


Have a lovely weekend and stay dry

Love from A6

24 March 2017

This week we have practiced our fluency by reading aloud the poem "Mad About Dinosaurs" by Giles Andreae. Monday was International Poetry Day so we talked about the rhythm and beat in the poem and how contractions were used to give the words one beat instead of two.

A6 Brag Rag March 2017





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