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We have an active P&C Committee and welcome your presence at our meetings held twice each term.


Throughout the year we hold a number of fundraiser events including discos, fun run, Easter and Christmas raffles. We also hold both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls with fantastic gifts available for the children to purchase. Proceeds from these events support all of our students by providing additional resources and equipment. 


The executive for 2018 were elected at the P&C AGM on Tuesday 13 February. It was lovely to see new faces and we look forward to some very exciting events happening this year.  Keep an eye on this newsletter and the school website for further information.

Congratulations to the following people and thank you for your continued commitment to the school.

  • P&C President: Mrs Tracey Katnich
  • P&C Vice President: Mrs Sally Garbin
  • P&C Secretary: Ms Agnes Koenig
  • P&C Treasurer: Mrs Leith Cullen


The Canteen is open on Wednesday and Friday only.


Canteen ordering is now available online. You will need to register your child so you can place your order online. Orders must be in by 8.30am Wednesday.

Kindy parents can now order too. Follow this link to access the online Canteen order form.










How fantastic does the pre-primary's new bike track look?


I would like to thank everyone that has helped make this project happen.  Mrs Johnston for trusting me with this, Mrs Briffa, Monique-Claire Underwood, Vanessa Moore, Liz Paulin, Malcolm and Sally Garbin and Jade from Pavescape.


We started off getting some pavers, and decided it would be safer for the children to have the path concreted instead. So in the first two days of the school holidays six women cut and dug up the grass to prepare the ground with a few hiccups along the way.  The concrete was finally poured last Friday, funded by the school and P&C.

On Monday August 15 we had the grand opening.  The pre-primaries are having a blast, some of them are learning how to ride for the first time.


MiaFlora Garden Centre and Bunnings are providing some shrubs and plants to finish it off.  We would also like to thank the Cockburn community for donating 2 bikes.

Please wander down and have a look if you haven't already.





Tracey Katnich

P&C President










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