Travel Smart News 2018


The Travel Smart team meet with me in B4 every Monday at 10:45am.  During this time we plan what will happen during the term and work out what will be presented at the assembly.


The team gather information by going around the school to each class.  They record each child who walked or rode to school on that day.  The child’s name is then written on a ticket (during a Monday meeting session) and is put into our raffle box. At each assembly one ticket is drawn out and the lucky winner keeps the Golden Sneaker in their classroom until the next assembly.  The winner also gets to choose a prize. Information is gathered randomly throughout the year.  Children are encouraged to keep walking or riding to school to increase their chance of winning a prize.




2018 Travel Smart Team




At the beginning and end of each year, I send a summary of our school data to the Your Move Travel Smart officers at the Department of Transport.


I blog on the Your Move website and am awarded points. I can then use these points to obtain prizes that are used for the raffles or competitions during the year. 


At the last assembly, the names of ten lucky children who rode to school on the National Ride Safely to School Day last term were drawn out by Ms Coen. They chose from a selection of special prizes including a bike lock, helmet, toys and erasable pens.



Assembly winners - May 2018



Bike Enclosure

A BIG Thank you to the P & C for enclosing the bike shelter at a cost of $5255 to help make it a safer area for the individually locked bikes and scooters.  



New bike shelter enclosure




Special News

Congratulations to Bianca (B4) on her selection as the Travel Smart Team Leader.  During the last 18 months she has been a very dedicated member of my team.  She displays initiative and is always enthusiastic, reliable and responsible.



Travelsmart Captain - Bianca



Remember to stay healthy and keep walking or riding safely to school.


Ms Maria Clapsis

Travel Smart Co-Ordinator




City Of Cockburn Recognises Phoenix PS!



The following article was sent to all schools in the Cockburn area during the month of June 2018. 



Congratulations to Phoenix Primary School for achieving silver level and earning 316 points so far this year for posting two stories on the Your Move webpage.

Several families would not let their child ride or scoot to school as they felt the bikes / scooters would not be safe so the Phoenix Primary school P & C enclosed the bike shelter to help make it a safer area for the individually locked bikes and scooters.


The Travel Smart team meets each Monday to plan how to encourage more families to walk and ride. The team gathers information by going around the school to each class. They record each child who walked or rode to school on the day and write their names on a raffle ticket.


At the next assembly the ticket is drawn for the Golden Sneaker award and the winner is able to choose a prize.


Bike Riding Lessons!

Well done to the parents who have taken up the opportunity for their child/ren to be part of the free bike riding lessons. 


Special mention to those children for being able to ride without trainer wheels after 1 or 2 lessons. All the children who took part were awarded with a prize.

We would like to extend a very big thank you to Christina from People on Bicycles did a wonderful job with the children.  Thanks again to the City of Cockburn for providing the funds ($360) to make these sessions possible.

Also, a huge thank you to Jasy (C3) who has never forgotten to secure the bike compound every day he is at school. We can always rely on you!

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