Ron Addison Farewell

I personally wish to thank you for the 42 years of support and enjoyment you have given me at this school.  In early 1976, I arrived here and have stayed ever since, loving every minute of my stay.  Over that time there have been so many great parents, teachers and thousands of brilliant students, who have made my job here, so wonderful.


One aspect of my farewell for which I am very appreciative, is the addition of the Addison Bench on the edge of the oval.  It is in my favourite place and to sit very close to the action.  Thank you sincerely!


I thank you all for your friendship over the 42 years and I am sure I will see many of you around the Cockburn District in the future.  Please don’t be afraid to say hello.


Thank you and farewell {Till I see you again}


Ron Addison






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