Hiroshima Tree Planting

On Friday August 4, we went with Mrs Pretty to the Hiroshima Tree Planting Ceremony at Botany Park. We listened to a speech given by Mayor Logan Howlett and the Japanese Representative.


After the speeches they let two doves go and with the help of Ti from the City of Cockburn we planted a special tree from Japan with 11 other schools.  We put two tablets in the tree to help it grow and then covered the roots with soil.


When we finished planting the tree we went back to the Cockburn council building.  We went upstairs and enjoyed food that they had prepared.  We also made paper cranes with another school.  We had some sushi sandwiches and Mr Howlett made a speech about Sadako and presented a gift for the Japanese representative.


Once the speeches had finished we had to go back to school for our school photos.


Thank you


Ryley (C3) and Grace (C3)