2017 Travel Smart Team

Thank you to the following children who have volunteered to be on the Travel Smart Team for 2017.  They will be collecting data and representing the classes as listed.  They will also be writing out the raffle tickets for the assembly draw.

Our team below is made up of the following children and what class they will be representing:

  • Jamilia and Olie (A2)
  • Christine and Jennifer (A6)
  • Sydney and Leon (B1)
  • Dianne, Harvey and Luka (B2)
  • Ily and Nada (B4)
  • Karah and Mya (C2)
  • Urielle, Vivien and Keanu (C3)
  • Adele and Sofia (C5)


Thanks again for spending some of your lunch time on Tuesdays to prepare for the assembly Travel Smart section.


Ms Maria Clapsis

Travel Smart Co-ordinator